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About us

We are The Agency Brands.

Our Mission

We are a team of brand building specialists, with over 43 years of experience, focused on fast-growing, evolving markets and their categories. Our goal is to partner with suppliers/customers that believe in the power of innovation, with the common goal of reaching and understanding the many approaches and methodologies than can be used to thrive in the core and multicultural market.

Efficiency, loyalty, entrepreneurship, dedication, service, are just some of the qualities that define us. We are The Agency Brands.

The Agency Brands

Why Us

Looking at the ever changing marketplace, its demographics, and customer needs, the "go to market” approach needs changes. For a brand to be successful or to stay on top, innovation and market sense is key. We are a new concept offering customers a full-time, dedicated “one stop” company, providing services that are unique, innovative, and above and beyond what is currently offered by your typical local “broker” services, with the only goal of taking your brand far beyond, to actually market the product to the right audience/customers and their cultural values.

What makes us different?

Our diverse backgrounds and life experiences allow us to understand the marketplace and help develop a plan of action for your brand to reach the right customer in a very broad and profitable way. Working hand in hand with our customers it’s priority one. If your brand/company prides itself on innovation, uniqueness, quality, family… you are on the right path. Join us today!

According to Danelle Kosmal, Vice President of Nielsen's Beverage Alcohol practice,

Today's American consumers are evolving, placing engagement and cultural affinity center stage in marketing to them. As a result, being able to gauge the cultural sharing, influence and commonalities that cross racial and ethnic lines has become critical to any successful bev/al marketing strategy. With this in mind, when it comes to any key relevant Holiday, grocery off-premise and on-premise retailers and also suppliers, need to develop and execute strategies that appeal to both the needs of multicultural consumers and those most highly influenced by them in the general market to drive better ROI on marketing investments.

Source: Nielsen CGA On Premise Measurement, Four Weeks Ending May 21, 2016

Be good to your work, your word, and your friend.

Meet the Agents

Distinguished Industry Veterans

Jim Friedrichs

Founding Partner

Over 27 years in the Wine & Spirits Industry with a successful track record in Sales, working in both the supplier and wholesaler sectors of the business. Jim started with Gallo Wine Company in January 1987 as a Chain Division Territorial Sales Rep in San Diego. Within the year he was promoted to Account Manager in charge of Lucky Stores Schematics. In 1988, Jim was promoted to managing all Account Managers for all chains in Southern California.

Jim moved to Sutter Home Winery in March of 1990 as a District Manager managing all aspects of sales from distributorship to customers. Over the next two years Jim created the first dedicated chain sales team in Southern California. In 1993, Jim started to call on the Price Club, Costco and Sam’s Club regional headquarters.

Given the opportunity to develop and manage a statewide chain division, Jim moved to Remy Amerique in May of 1994. After proving successful in his statewide chain assignment, Jim was assigned additional responsibility as the National Account Manager with American Stores. Remy Amerique offered the opportunity for educational travel to all major international wine and spirits regions.

Young’s Market Company hired Jim in January 1999 as the Account Executive calling on Costco Wholesale LA. In March 2000, Young’s promoted him to Vice President of the newly created Club Division.

Along with two other industry veterans, established Trinity Wines and Spirits in May of 2009. A dynamic and successful company that developed brands in all areas of the marketplace.

Mario Nunez

Founding Partner

Over 23 years in the Wine & Spirits Industry with a successful track record in sales, working in both the supplier and wholesaler sectors of the business. While a new comer in the USA Mario acquired retail experience at two major Northern California chains (Safeway, Beverages and more) where he managed or worked at specialized departments (South American wines, Tequilas, etc.).

Mario started with Gallo Wine Company in December 1995,hired as a merchandiser then quickly promoted to sales becoming the #1 ranking sales rep in the Chain Division. In 1997 he was promoted to District Manager, and earned the 1999 District Manager of the Year Award.

Mario moved to Univision Television Group handling local sales in San Francisco/San Jose and Sacramento where he thrived successfully Implementing new advertising techniques to create new business, prepared and presented media packages to various agencies. His duties also involved research of Hispanic market media trends and purchasing habits to help their customer achieve their business goals.

Given the opportunity to get back into the wine and spirits industry, Mario moved to Young’s Market Company. After being hired by the ownership (Chris Underwood) he reconstructed YMCO Hispanic Market Division where he managed an on and off sales team. He introduced sales tools that were used company wide. They are still used in sales calls and for YMCO sales teams to a have better point of reference while understanding the Hispanic consumer's needs.

While at YMCO, Mario worked hand in hand with suppliers such as: Bacardi, Brown Forman, William Grant, Remy Amerique, Sazerac, Trinchero, and many others. He also worked with independent suppliers like Mexcor and Intersect Beverages developing new and innovative ways to reach the Hispanic consumer on and off-premises with great success.

Our services

Key assets for our business partners


  • Focus, Leadership and Brand Building Success
  • Access to significant knowledge of U.S. Wine & Spirits Industry and 3 Tier System
  • Working with a team of Wine & Spirit industry professionals that have achieved success throughout every phase of their career through Integrity, Insight, and Innovation

Wholesaler Network

  • Ability to develop, implement & execute brand plans across all channels of trade
  • Clear understanding of strategic & tactical needs of wholesaler in order to achieve growth targets
  • Access to key decision makers and management throughout wholesaler system
  • Able to navigate through complex wholesaler organization
  • Consistent visibility and strong presence at key wholesaler & trade events
  • Development of “brand ambassadors/champions” within the distributor sales force
  • Access to Multicultural channels On and Off premise

Trade Channels

  • National Retail Accounts (i.e. Costco, Sam's, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Super Value, CVS, World Market, Kroeger Rite Aid, etc.)
  • Access to key decision makers

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Community Involvement

We're Proud to Officially Sponsor

MEX I AM Festival

2016 MEX I AM Festival

This inaugural event centers on Mexican cuisine that takes as its meeting point the preparation and enjoyment of tacos. This evening will be joined by top Mexican and American chefs who will be preparing thrilling tastings and pairings.

San José Police Officers' Association

San Jose P.O.A.

Representing San José's Finest, the San José Police Officers' Association's is charged with the enhancement of wages, benefits and working conditions of the over 1100 men and women of the San José Police Department.

United States Adaptive Recreation Center

USARC Peak to Peak 22

The Annual Peak to Peak Pedal is an amazing adventure covering five days, two mountain ranges, and 335 miles. It is a life-changing event for the cyclists and those whom the ride supports.

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